Haripriya Naresh

Are you tired of every one telling you that your life will change if you exercise everyday?

How many times have you heard the term physical fitness and cringed?

Doesn’t it always feel like there is just no time to work out? Procrastination almost always takes over like pre-programmed software. The weather, sudden life threatening body pains, the convenient guests who turn up just as you are getting into your sportswear. There are so many reasons why exercising often remains on our to-do list.

Most of us fail so miserably because we don’t have a strong enough reason to exercise. For a majority, weight loss is the main reason. While this is a good reason to work out there exists a multitude of benefits to engage in regular physical activities. For example when you exercise you stimulate and create your own dose of stem cells.

If you have thought or are interested in beginning a fitness regime first do your research and find a super exciting reason to be regular. This is just for you. It can be your little secret.

Sometimes a simple jog in the park can feel like you are putting your body on display. We all come in different shapes and sizes. That doesn’t always mean that we are comfortable with our body and the judgment conveyed through the eyes of passers by and the raised eyebrows from our own loved ones doesn’t help the situation.

But what if exercising is actually a way in which you could finally build a relationship with your body that can deflect all that judgment?

In fact physical fitness can be maintained in a variety of ways. There are so many choices nowadays like running, walking, biking, swimming, gym work, aerobics, zumba, dance workout and the list goes on. Some of the best work out regimes can be done on your living room floor. You don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to. The best part is, it will cost you nothing.

The world will probably continue to tell you that you need to be fit to lead a healthy life.

But how about focusing on why you are not already?

In case you require further assistance with building a closer relationship with your body feel free to contact the author who is a Mind-Body Wellness Coach and an Integrated Therapist. She is also the founder of Sanctuary of life and can be reached on haripriya@sanctuaryoflife.co

Mobile: 9908755591

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