KCR Exposes Chandrababu’s Cheap Politicking

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Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

One should stay clear of certain issues and individuals in politics. A reason why one should do this can be seen from some of the recent developments. Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu thought that he could whip up some sort of a anti-KCR sentiment in state against the Telangana chief minister. Clearly, Chandrababu has not learnt his lessons even after his humiliating defeat in Telangana in which the TDP went in for an alliance with the Congress.

The people of Telangana taught him the lesson of his political career by rejecting the mahakutami outirght, while going along with KCR's campaign against the AP chief minister all along. It appears that Chandrababu Naidu is still reeling from the shock treatment administered to him by KCR in the Telangana elections and is licking his wounds. KCR went to Delhi passing through Visakhapatnam, Bhuvaneshwar and Kolkata. The TRS supremo announced that he was moving towards stitching up a federal front with the help of regional leaders in the country.

Ideally, Chandrababu should have remained silent after the drubbing he received in the Telangana elections. Instead, he kept finding fault with every move made by KCR claiming that his efforts only help the BJP and PM Modi. He criticised KCR for meeting Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik saying that the two were conspiring against the Polavaram project. by the evening, however, he made one of his famous U-turns and said that Naveen Patnaik was not a part of any conspiracy. When KCR landed in Delhi and met Prime Minister Modi, Chandrababu summed it up saying he briefed the prime minister on his proposed federal front. All along, KCR remained silent. Chandrababu seem to have forgotten that it is customary for a chief minister to call upon a prime minister for scoring a victory in the state elections.

The TDP chief's comments reveal his frustration and transparent lack of tolerance. He kept dubbing KCR a Modi agent. The AP chief minister also wondered how the YSRCP could support KCR who opposed Special Category Status to AP. To put facts in proper perspective, the YSRCP had never announced that it would support KCR. It is Chandrababu who keeps harping on his own fabrication that YS Jagan and KCR have a pact with PM Modi. When KCR chose to respond to Chandrababu Naidu's allegations, he did so with his usual elan. He revealed how Chandrababu shifted his stance on the issue of SCS to AP. He also described the AP chief minister as the dirtiest politician in the country who thrives on falsehoods. KCR wondered how the people of Andhra Pradesh endured such a chief minister. He also made it clear that the TRS had always supported the cause of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh and that he would even write a letter to Centre to this effect. Chandrababu and other TDP leaders were gobsmacked by KCR’s vitriolic reaction and they took a while to recover and react. Chandrababu, therefore got his ministers to criticize though neither Chandrababu nor his Cabinet colleagues could refute the points raised by KCR. For instance when it comes to the separation of the high courts of the two states, they simply did not have an answer. KCR dubbed Chandrababu Naidu as the dirtiest politician in the country and the AP chief minister struggled to explain his position. He could not say a word about his proficiency in English or Hindi which KCR ridiculed. Chandrababu, who would respond at the drop of a hat to remarks made by PM Modi or BJP president Amit Shah was left speechless this time around. This itself shows that he finds himself on a weak wicket. His ministers of course, have been indulging in loose talk. TDP minister Kalva Srinivasulu called KCR a drunkard while another Devineni Uma claimed that he gave shelter to KCR in Vijayawada when he escaped from the clutches of the police for printing fake currency. None of these ministers, however, are trying to prove that Chandrababu has the facts on his side. All along, Chandrababu has been indulging in politics of opportunism while Yellow media channels and papers gave extensive coverage to his shifting stance. Both Chandrababu and media outlets have lost their credibility in the bargain. Though it must be said that KCR should have avoided using such an expression, it is his inimitable style. It is clear from this entire episode that Chandrababu’s cheap politicking and distortion of facts were laid bare by KCR publicly. In the first round to the approaching elections, KCR has scored a convincing victory over Chandrababub Naidu. One can well imagine the TDP supremo’s plight in the next few rounds to come.

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