Chandrababu Behind TDP’s Sand, Mining Mafias

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Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

The Kurnool quarry blast incident mirrors the disastrous state of affairs in the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) government. It is highly unfortunate that 11 people died and scores were injured in a blast that occurred at a quarry that is owned by a TDP leader. What else can prove the administrative negligence under Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s rule?

It is quite evident that the officers took no action against the TDP leader, even after the concerned MLA Jayaramulu complained over the matter, since the former belongs to the ruling party. This kind of nepotism will do irreparable damage to Andhra Pradesh. Although Chandrababu claims that there is no scope for criminal activities in the State, isn't it a mere political statement?

Rampant corruption and breaking of law & order by the TDP leaders across the state is a result of Chandrababu's free hand to the members of his party. Soon after coming to power in 2014, Chandrababu, in a meeting with District Collectors and SPs, ordered that the bureaucrats turn a blind eye to the irregularities by TDP members. On the other side, lives of common people are being ruined, and the government doesn't wake up to reality. It is really depressing to witness such an inhumane situation in the State.

When 20 workers were killed in the process of tackling red sandalwood smugglers, the government tried to defend itself. Not even a single case was filed after 29 pilgrims were killed in the presence of Chandrababu, in a mishap during the Godavari pushkarams. Chandrababu managed to draw a compromise between a senior IPS officer and a TDP MLA, after the latter harassed the former publicly. We live in a system wherein nobody cares even after serious allegations have been levelled at Gurajala MLA Srinivasa Rao for indulging in large-scale illegal mining in Guntur district. At last, the High Court had to intervene and order an investigation into the matter.

Six people died in a blast at a quarry near Amaravati in Phirangipuram. Two youth lost their lives after drowning in a pit that was formed due to illegal mining in river Krishna. All these incidents reflect upon the collusion between the politicians and police officers in the State. This situation is a serious aberration from the usual law & order activity, for the sheer number of incidents and scandals which happended in the last four years.

A few days back, three siblings died in a similar quarry incident in Kurnool district. Had the officers from Revenue and Mining departments taken necessary measures immediately, yesterday's incident would have been avoided. In the wake of the latest incident, serious concerns are arising over the mining mafia's breach of law. It is worth mentioning that along with TDP's sand mafia, mining mafia has spread across the state.

With an eye on the upcoming elections, the TDP leaders are banking on the mining money to give a fight. But, the government is completely ignoring people's safety concerns. Chandrababu, who boasts that he would be instantly notified in his dashboard about the disfunctioning of a street light in Nandyal, is committing a big mistake by believing that the people of the state are unaware of TDP's rampant coruuption. He will certainly not reap good results if he continues to mislead people in the name of good governance.

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