Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

Chandrababu Naidu is prone to propagate new philosophy all the time. Whether it makes sense or not, and even if it runs contrary to what he had stated earlier, he wants us to believe what he is now propagating, as if it is something new.  Of late he has been harping on the theory of conspiracy.

Chandrababu, from the time that he walked out of the alliance, has been speaking of conspiracy and has been trying to derive political benefit out of propagating this new theory.  Earlier, he had been claiming that BJP, along with YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan was out to destabilise him. Now he has added the name of former joint director of CBI, Lakshmi Narayana, to this list.

The odd thing about Chandrababu’s propaganda is that while YS Jagan has been fighting for the cause of Special Category Status to the state for the past four years, right from the time of bifurcation, Chandrababu claims that he is the one who has been championing the cause of SCS! The bizarreness of his logic is such that he claims that the resignation of the 5 YSRCP Lok Sabha MPs was a drama!  The underlying strategy, however strange it maybe, is two fold—to undermine the sacrifice of the YSRCP MPs and to try to see that there is no pressure on the TDP MPs to resign.

To ensure that his own conspiracies do not get revealed, Chandrababu Naidu has the habit of foisting conspiracy theories on others. The TDP or yellow media is more than ready to propagate his theories and falsehoods.

Chandrababu propagates falsehoods about YS Jagan because he sees him as his political opponent, but he had sailed along with Pawan Kalyan for four years. When the actor turned politician began to allege that Chandrababu Naidu was involved in rank corruption, the AP CM floated a fresh theory saying that Pawan Kalyan was parroting what the BJP told him. In the past, both the TDP leaders and yellow media treated former joint director of CBI Lakshmi Narayana as one of their own. His activities were given wide publicity and coverage by the pro-TDP media. Sources say that TDP leaders had performed “pala abhishekam” to flexis of Lakshmi Narayana.  Chandrababu Naidu also considered him to be an exemplary person. However, clearly something seems to have gone wrong now. Probably Chandrababu Naidu expected Lakshmi Narayana to support him and did not get the expected response. The net result is that he has in his propaganda, pushed the former CBI officer also into the BJP camp. He attributed to actor Sivaji something that his Intelligence department could not come up with! He described it as Operation Garuda and when he came up with this theory in his so called “Nava Nirmana Deeksha”, people were astonished.

For Chandrababu Naidu, speaking against him amounts to a conspiracy. Otherwise, why would he say something as illogical as BJP trying to pull his government down?   As long as he was with the BJP, he found great people to be in that party and more importantly, he did not see the need for SCS to AP. He insisted that he along with Modi was putting Andhra Pradesh on the path of development and stated this repeatedly. Now, once he has moved away from the BJP he claims that Modi is planning a conspiracy against him.
Chandrababu now says that's the reason why he moved away from NDA
and is a part of opposition. His statements hardly come as a surprise.

In his protests and meetings YS Jagan would remind people along with video evidence, PM Modi's promise on Special Category Status, Chandrababu Naidu's statements, as also those of the then Union Minister, Venkaiah Naidu. He would also point out how Chandrababu Naidu changed his tune subsequently. Let us for a moment remind ourselves of what Chandrababu said with respect to SCS to the state. He used to harp on a theory that YSRCP was trying to drive a wedge between him and BJP. Now, Chandrababu says that YSRCP has teamed up with the BJP! In the past, the TDP had connived with the Congress to implicate the YSRCP chief in false cases. While getting these cases foisted, he would mischievously say that Sonia Gandhi and YS Jagan had a tacit understanding.

One cannot say whether Chandrababu's attempts to hold up the Kiran Kumar Reddy government were a part of a conspiracy or not.

In truth, Chandrababu Naidu practised politics of conspiracy from day one. In his early days in the Congress, he worked to get the party ZP candidate from Chittoor defeated and got suspended for his anti-party activity. How would one
describe Chandrababu's role in dislodging NTR? Would it amount to a conspiracy? Back then he gave it another name which was popularized by the media.

Would Chandrababu's role in the relatively recent Notes-for-Vote case amount to a plot? KCR himself spelt out his views on this. Revanth Reddy, who was a TDP MLA then, was apprehended with Rs. 50 lakhs in cash. Is this true? What about the voice on the audio tape? Is all this a part of a conspiracy or is it not? Instead, Chandrababu finds a conspiracy wherever one questions him on corruption. He feels that if he is an ally of Narendra or Sonia Gandhi, they have to do what he wants them to. It is because of his style of functioning that former minister and one who had followed Chandrababu closely for decades, described the AP CM's politics as politics of conspiracy.

Instead of showing a more mature approach and evolving as a politician, his style of politics revolves around conspiracies to the misfortune of people of Andhra Pradesh.