Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu comes up with a new principle each time. Whether he subscribes to the thought or not, or whether he had been opposed to the principle all along, does not affect him. He simply assumes what he says is credible. This is his special gift. The latest is that after breaking his partnership with BJP, he has been trying to propagate the idea that YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan and former CBI joint director Lakshminarayana are in alliance with BJP.

It is widely known that Chandrababu will not hesitate to make true or false allegations against YS Jagan because he has been a political rival over the years. But it is surprising to see the TDP Chief saying that Pawan Kalyan, who was allied with the ruling party for the last four years, was playing to the tunes of BJP instead of answering to the accusations made by the actor-turned-politician. Similarly, earlier former CBI officer Lakshminarayana was treated as part of their family by TDP leaders and also yellow media. He was given wide publicity wherever he went. In fact TDP leaders performed palabhishekam on the flexis of Lakshminarayana. Even Chandrababu praised the CBI officer to the skies. But now it seems they are not in talking terms. Perhaps, the AP CM thought he would support TDP. After he disappointed the TDP Chandrababu started to allege that he was also a BJP alliance partner.

Chandrababu is known to throw surprises at everyone; the latest was at Nava Nirmana Deeksha where he left all his party leaders and workers shell-shocked. The reason was that the TDP chief praised actor Sivaji and went to the extent of saying that Sivaji had better information than his intelligence department. It is very difficult to apprehend the conspiracies of Chandrababu. Is it wrong to express a voice of dissent against the AP CM?

During the four years as ally to BJP, Chandrababu found that there was no need for Special Category Status (SCS) to AP. Instead, he promised to work in tandem with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and develop the state. Now after the break-up with BJP, the AP CM had found Modi to be a cheat and also discovered that the opposition party in the state had joined hands with them. These words from Chandrababu come as no surprise to those who follow him. Chandrababu should recall his words during Modi's speech at Tirupati on SCS wherein he blamed the YSRCP for creating differences between BJP and TDP. Now the same person accuses that YSRCP and BJP have become friends!

On an earlier occasion, the TDP chief joined hands with the Congress and implicated YS Jagan in false cases. Even as they were filing various false cases against YSRCP Chief, they made accusations that he had joined hands with Sonia Gandhi. We are not sure if it was Chandrababu's conspiracy to let Kiran Kumar Reddy government survive or not, but it is clear that the TDP chief survives and thrives on politics of conspiracy. He was suspended from the Congress party for campaigning against the Congress party candidate in Chittoor ZP elections. Later he managed to persuade the high command in Delhi and got back into the party.

Was it not a conspiracy on his part to topple the NTR government? Did he not try to bring down KCR government in Telangana by purchasing a nominated legislator? KCR himself revealed this. Revanth Reddy was caught red-handed with Rs 50 lakhs in cash. Chandrababu was also caught red-handed over the audio tapes wherein he promised many things to the MLA. Is this not conspiracy? But the TDP chief, oddly enough says that anybody who questions his corrupt practices or any party which deserts TDP is cooking up a conspiracy against him and his party. With these words he has been trying to fool around with people.

Chandrababu believes that everyone should do what he does, and support whom he supports. And this is the reason, former minister Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy says that Chandrababu is a proven master of the politics of conspiracy. It is AP's misfortune to have him at the helm of affairs.