Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

It is said that conspiracies will get exposed sooner or later. Take the case of the Sri Reddy controversy which has rocked Tollywood for the past few weeks. To what levels the Telugu Desam party can stoop became clear when the plot got unravelled today. This is indeed very disturbing. Sri Reddy's strip protest was related to sexual harassment in the film industry.

The importance accorded to Sri Reddy by the media, is a matter of discretion of the channels, newspapers and websites in question. What is sensational is the revelation that the entire conspiracy was hatched in the AP secretariat.

There must be some truth to the fact as it was exposed by none other a senior actor like Pawan Kalyan. When Pawan made sensational comments against Chandrababu and his son Lokesh, some kind of backlash or attack from the TDP was imminent. But nobody expected the TDP would stoop so low.

Provoking Sri Reddy to make sensational comments against Pawan Kalyan, the role of Ram Gopal Varma behind it and crores of money transaction—everything has come out in the open. That's not it, they even used the Telugu Desam media channels to drag YSRCP into the picture to create a rift between YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan. They left no stone unturned to make that happen. And at the right moment, just before Chandrababu was to sit on his hunger strike Pawan Kalyan dropped explosive facts on his Twitter page, sending shockwaves across the political spectrum. Pawan deserves a round of applause for one thing—he was able to tell fearlessly the world about the TDP cadre resorting to conspiracies under Chandrababu. By talking about certain media channels and 10 crore, Pawan was able to expose the true color of Chandrababu. All this while, there has been a lot of conspiracies against YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who has been moving ahead against odds.

A few people also say that even when Chiranjeevi floated his Praja Rajyam Party, the TDP resorted to such clandestine tactics to tarnish the image of the PRP chief. Now, it appears as if they want to give Pawan the same treatment after the Jana Sena chief has turned against Chandrababu.

But Pawan is not only hitting back at the TDP but also letting the public know about the various ploys being played by the Chandrababu government and the Telugu Desam Party. When YS Jagan had been saying the same thing all along, the TDP would escape the wrath of people by saying he (YS Jagan) was the leader of Opposition and hence talking against him. Now, can Chandrababu answer Pawan Kalyan's many direct allegations? Does he have an answer to the allegation that Lokesh and a few media channels used Sri Reddy to politicise the issue? Is the government which puts those posting anti-government views on social media and volunteers taking part in agitations behind bars willing to investigate these allegations? Like Pawan said, when Srireddy was hurling abuses at a mother and insulting her in public, how did TDP let media channels play it repeatedly? The TDP war has now got a political touch. So one can well imagine how careful YS Jagan or Pawan Kalyan have to be in future. Regardless of how murky TDP politics get, there's nobody who can be punish him for it. He thinks that he has the ultimate power to manage any crisis or backlash.That's how he has managed to survive despite all the conspiracies he has planned. Those who belong to the 1990s era know the kind of games Chandrababu played against his own father-in-law being a minister under him! A person who could do that to his own father-in-law couldn't care less about others. But every day is not Sunday. The current situation is proof enough that things do backfire at times.Before Chandrababu entered the political scene, such conspiracies or murky deals were unheard of in undivided Andhra Pradesh. Politics would be bound by principles and guidelines. However, Chandrababu completely damaged it for selfish gains and he was successful too. Now, he is trapped in a web of his own doing and unable to extricate himself. By playing such dirty political games, Chandrababu has reached a stage where his own people detest him. His son Lokesh too seems to be following in his footsteps. It's unfortunate that lust for power drives politics to such low level.