Senior TDP leader Mothkupalli Narsimhulu made a rather interesting statement. He said that it was Revanth Reddy, formerly with the TDP and now a Congress MLA, who betrayed the TDP cause. Mothkupalli claims that by getting involved in the note-for-vote case, Revanth besmirched Chandrababu Naidu's reputation.

Is Mothkupalli being clever or innocent? That doesn't really matter, because he seems to have admitted one thing. He has obliquely said that Chandrababu had leave Hyderabad in a hurry and move to Vjiayawada, after the note for vote case, broke out into the open. Earlier, Chandrababu Naidu would lunge at KCR and criticize him frequently. On occasion, he would resort to using strong language too.

Chandrababu had also accused KCR of being an inexperienced administrator. He would always say that he would stay put in Hyderabad till the TDP rode to power in Telangana. Mothkulu skipped all those facts and instead said that Naidu should tour Telangana extensively. Some people, he alleged, betrayed the TDP cause here. He wants the party in Telangana to be in the right hands.

Mothkupalli needs to shed light on certain facts. For instance, was Chandrababu unaware of the note-for-vote case? Is that possible? Without Chandrababu's direct involvement, could Revanth Reddy have offered 50 lakh rupees to nominated MLA Stephenson? Didn't Chandrababu tell Stephenson on the phone that he had been "briefed?" It is not as if Mothkupalli is unaware of all these facts. He probably thinks that the time has not yet come for him to criticize Chandrababu.

Mothkupalli had aspired for governorship, but that did not come his way. He missed the Rajya Sabha bus, as well. He was not even invited for the TDP conclave.

It was assumed that Mothkupalli would come out with some sensational remarks. We don't know what exactly transpired later. Chandrababu may have called him, but Mothkupalli trained his guns on Revanth and those who were at the helm of affairs in TDP in Telangana. Mothkupalli claimed that he had always been faithful to NTR and Chandrababu. This is only partially true. It is true that initially Mothkupalli was very devoted to NTR.

NTR, for a number of reasons, did not give Mothkupalli a ticket to contest the 1989 polls. Mothkupalli, as it turned out, defied the party diktat and won as a rebel candidate. He also held a press meet where he criticised NTR in the strongest of terms.It was only later around 1994 that Mothkupalli got close to NTR again. He also became a TDP minister subsequently.At the time of the split in party ranks, he stood by NTR and went hammer and tongs at Chandrababu. He and former home minister, Madhava Reddy, who was in Naidu's camp, did not get along and developed differences.

Mothkupalli was also seen as Daggubati's man in the TDP. After NTR's death, he continued in TDP for some time, before moving over to the Congress where he was a party MLA. After differences on the issue of municipal elections, he crossed over to the TDP while being in a Congress legislator. A six-time MLA, Mothkupalli is a powerful orator, who it appears has been driven by circumstances to cosy up to a man whom he criticised strongly till recently--KCR. Hence, his suggestion to merge the TDP in Telangana with the TRS. AS a result, confusion reigns supreme in TDP Telangana. Chandrababu can neither spare time for Telangana, nor can he take on KCR, as things stand.