Microsoft on Tuesday fired 1,350 employees and pulled the plug on its Finland mobile phone unit.

In one of the major takeovers conducting by the US software giant in 2014, was the acquisition of Nokia mobile phone business unit for a whopping $7.2 billion.  Microsoft was hoping to claim its stake in the smartphone market with Nokia however was only able to grab less than one percent stake via windows based smartphones.

The company had announced the job cut earlier in May and was considering the plant shutdown.

Several analysts stated that Microsoft was too late in capturing the smartphone segment, as they faced multiple shortages in ‘Apps’ section, appearance and features.

While the smartphone market was highly dominated by Apple and Android phones, especially with several options of app available for the user to pick and choose from, while limited apps availability in Windows was a constant issue, it was clear that Microsoft was going to face major problems in future.

The company launched its latest operating system ‘Windows 10’, which is used by HP to power their smartphone that can be converted into desktop PC. And its latest operating system allows apps to function across various platforms such mobile, tablet and PC, Windows might still be in the race to the capture smartphone market.