Govt indifferent to plight of unemployed: BJP

Govt indifferent to plight of unemployed: BJP - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The BJP strongly criticised the TRS Government for its indifferent attitude towards solving the problem of unemployment.

Speaking on the floor of the Telangana assembly on the issue of unemployment on Friday, BJP floor leader Dr K Lakshman said the Government was ignoring the unemployed youth after winning the elections with their votes. Laxman reminded that the ruling TRS had promised to create 1,07,000 jobs during the Assembly elections. After coming to power, the TRS government has forgotten the promise completely, he said.

He said the unemployed youth were eagerly waiting for the jobs ever since the TRS came to power.
He said the Government was trying to close down the schools in the name of rationalisation and was not showing any interest in filling the teachers posts and increase the enrollment in the schools. He pointed out that the Government had said that there were 1.07 lakh jobs, but did not specify how and when they would be filled.

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