Govt failed in all fronts: Vijayamma

Govt failed in all fronts: Vijayamma - Sakshi Post

  The State Government had miserably failed in all fronts, said YSRCP honorary president Y S Vijayamma on Wednesday.

Addressing the YSRCP cadre at a meeting in Hyderabad, she said the Government in a bid to cover-up its failures, increased the prices of all essential commodities leaving the people in lurch.

TDP president Chandrababu Naidu, whose responsibility as main opposition leader was to dethrone the Kiran Government with no-confidence motion, it was pathetic to note that he was trying to protect it, she said  adding that instead he aimed at criticising the YSR family. The two major factors - fighting against the people's problems and building the party cadre would not be  ignored, though YSRCP president was deliberately kept distanced from the people, Vijayamma said.




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