Gottumukkala: Shock and Awe tactics in full display

Gottumukkala: Shock and Awe tactics in full display - Sakshi Post

* Cops dances to the tunes of piedpipers in power

There is an eery silence in Gottumukkala village in Krishna district. Ever since affable and work-minded A Krishna Rao, the deputy sarpanch of the village, was brutally done to death, fear and terror are reigning supreme.

Gruesome attack: The attackers barged in, dragged YSRCP leader and deputy sarpanch Rao out of his house and bludgeoned him to death. This came after Rao's repeated requests for police security in view of the life threats.
The police not only pooh-poohed him, but remained insensitive even after Rao's death. Till the killers surrendered, there was utter inaction on the part of the police, allege Gottimukkala locals.
"The police complicity appears quite clear. They are maintaining defeaning silence," said a YSRCP activist.

Ruthless TDP's reign of terror: Across the state, the TDP has been making ruthless attempts to smother the opposition. Every tactic is being employed to usurp power even in places where the TDP was handed down a resounding defeat. Starting from gram panchats to the zilla parishads, the TDP is resorting to avaricious sheep-stealing and downright hooliganism to grab positions of power.
The attacks on YSRCP activists are on the rise. They are being maimed, killed and their assets destroyed. At least 19 YSRCP workers have been brutally done to death.
In Gottumukkala itself, party workers Seetaiah and Selvaraj were attacked after Krishna Rao's death. There is a sense of fear among the YSRCP activists. Only the other day, victorious TDP workers placed a fire cracker on the head of one Suresh and detonated it in Avanigadda. His only crime was that he exercised his democratic right of voting for a party and candidate of his choice rather than bowing to the diktats of TDP goons.
The police are mute spectator in the gory retributory dance of crippling attacks and gruesome deaths. Sadly, the law enforcers prefer to dance to the tunes of the piedpipers in power as democratic rights of political opposition are trampled at will.


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