Girlfriend's suicide provokes lover to do the same

Girlfriend's suicide provokes lover to do the same - Sakshi Post

Kavali, In a shocking incident, a man tried to commit suicide after his girlfriend did the same in  Kavali.

According to reports, depressed over his girlfriend's death, Guruvaiah, went to DSP Balavenkateshwar Rao  to give a suicide note, saying no one was responsible for his death and fell unconscious in front of the officer. He had taken poison prior to his visit to the station.

Guruvaiah who belongs to Varikuntapadu Mandal was studying at an engineering college. He would visit Tirupati frequently to meet up with a friend, Babu who owns a clothes store. 

On questioning by the Police, Babu said that Guruvaiah called him on Wednesday evening and informed him of his decision. Post call, Guruvaiah switched off his cell.

He then went to DSP to submit his suicide note, before collapsing. Police rushed him to a nearby hospital.

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