Ghazal Srinivas Is A Lecherous Animal Wearing Spiritual Guise: Victim 

Ghazal Srinivas in police station; sexual harassment victim in Sakshi studio

Hyderabad: Ghazal Srinivas' sexual harassment victim on Wednesday described him a wild animal who only pretends decency in public. "When in privacy, Ghazal Srinivas behaves like a cruel animal and speaks vulgar language," she said in an exclusive interview with Sakshi TV in studio.

I joined his organisation only because it was dealing with temples and thought it would be safe but the reality was a stark contrast to his public image, the victim said fighting back her tears.

Meanwhile, a Nampally court heard the bail petition of Ghazal Srinivas and a decision will be pronounced on Thursday. The police argued against the accused and appealed to the court not to grant bail to him as he can tamper evidences if comes out. The police submitted the remand report with details about Ghazal Srinivas' sexual activities with his female worker Parvathi.

The Accused No.2 in sexual harassment case, Parvathi, went into hiding after Ghazal Srinivas was arrested by the police on Tuesday.

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