Gangster Ayub Khan Arrested 

Ayub Khan is the richest rowdysheeter after the slain gangster Nayeem - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Rowdysheeter Ayub Khan, who is involved in cases of murder, extortion and property settlements, has been arrested on Sunday night.

One of the richest gangsters of Hyderabd with an estimated Rs400 crore properties in and around the city and also in Vizag, had been operating from Dubai after the Telangana government tightened its law enforcement operations after the formation of the state in 2014. He had operated from Bengaluru for some time and then fled to Dubai for a safe haven for his anti-social activities.

On the clues that he was arriving in Mumbai, Hyderabad police alerted the airport security that nabbed Ayub and later handed over to the city police. Several cases including preventive detention of anti-social activities were pending when he fled to Dubai.

The police brought Ayub to city.

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