This Man Swallowed One Of His AirPods, What Happened Next Will Leave You Baffled

Pic courtesy: AsiaWire - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A Taiwanese man was unharmed even when he had swallowed one earbud of his Apple AirPods while he was sleeping. Doctors pointed out that the shell casing of the AirPods protected his innards from the damage.

Ben Hsu is a Navy recruiter in the port city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Narrating the incident to a leading daily, he said that he had slept with his AirPods on his ears. When he woke up, he could not find one of the AirPods. In order to find it, he turned on his iPhone and the Find My iPhone app. While he was searching the AirPod all over the room with the beeping sound, he was surprised to find that the sound came from his stomach.

Ben said he then went to the hospital and doctors confirmed that he had swallowed one of the AirPods. He told the doctors that he was not feeling uncomfortable although it was in his stomach. Hence, doctors recommended that he pass the earbud through stool and for the purpose gave him a laxative. Doctors said that if it failed they would go for surgery.

What followed would leave you amazed. On the next day, Ben relieved himself at the railway station toilet. He started fishing for the AirPod in his stool. When he found it, he washed the soiled Airpod and let it dry.

Notably, the AirPod was still working. He said that the battery was still 41 per cent while adding that this is an excellent example that an Apple product is magical.

However, we would say that it is not something that one must ever try as the results could be dangerous.

The doctors said that the plastic shell around the AirPod lowered the risk of harm compared to swallowing a regular lithium-ion battery. Had the latter been the case, it could have resulted in serious consequences namely rupturing the intestines, the doctors warned.

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