Frustrated Over Wife’s Affair With SI, Man Posts Their Video On Social Media  

The woman refused to stop her affair with the SI despite her husband’s repeated pleas - Sakshi Post

Machilipatnam: A video of a sub-inspector and a woman in compromising position was posted on social media by none other than the woman's husband himself to shame both on Thursday.

Vijay Kumar, who is working as a sub-inspector at Hanuman Junction developed an extra-marital relation with a woman, who was already married to Sai Teja. Despite the woman's husband coming to know about it, she continued her extra-marital affair with the SI.

After his wife refused to stop her affair with the SI, Sai decided to stay away from her and informed the matter to his and her parents. But after his parents convinced him, Sai again started to stay with his wife. But the SI and his wife still continued their relation by threatening Sai Teja.

Unable to resolve the issue, Sai Teja collected the private photos of his wife and the SI. He made a video and posted it on social media. He also stated that the SI and his wife are trying to kill him and sought help from the public.

The video went viral on social media and the higher officials in police department ordered a probe on it.

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