From Poverty to Pinnacle ... boy makes parents proud

From Poverty to Pinnacle ... boy makes parents proud - Sakshi Post

He lives in a 300 sq.ft ramshacle home, but that did not limit his spirit from soaring to the top of the world. This son of a bicycle mechanic has scaled Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. 

Yes. We are talking of Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar, that Class IX student from Khammam district who scaled the Everest. This Telugu boy made not just Telugu people, but the entire nation proud by scaling the treacherous terrain at such tender age. The tallest peak in the world proved to be shorter for Anand's derring-do and rebelliousness. 

Imagine who are most proud of his achievements? No marks for guessing! His parents of course. 

Anand father Kondal Rao is working in a cycle-repair shed to make the ends meet. It was hard for Anand’s parents to support his education with a meagre monthly income of around Rs 4,000. 

"It feels great! Till now, he was Son of Kondal Rao. Now, after this Himalayan feat, I am known as Anand's father," says an elated Anand Rao. Anand's mother is an anganwadi worker. 

The parents are clearly basking in the glory of their son's unique achievement. Why wouldn't they? Their son climbed his way up from non-descript Kadiveru to Mout Everest. 



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