Four more ministers to fall prey to Delhi-Babu ploy

Four more ministers to fall  prey to Delhi-Babu ploy - Sakshi Post

The sword of Damocles hangs over four more ministers after Dharmana and Sabitha were made to resign.

It is a game plan orchestrated from Delhi with the support of TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu.  The party high Command had gone ahead to ask for the resignations of the Revenue Minister Dharmana and Home Minister Sabitha with a lot of confidence that the Congress Govt in the state supported by the TDP will not be toppled anymore.  Now the four more ministers will be added to the tainted ministers’ list.

The CBI is getting ready to file charge-sheets against Ministers Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Geetha Reddy and Kanna Lakshminarayana after June 7. The Ministers are of the opinion that the CM will wash off his hands in their case also citing high command’s instructions.  They are in a piquant situation whether to hand over resignations as a first step or to wait till the instructions came from Delhi. The fourth minister Parthasaradhi is in a worse situation. He continues to stay in the cabinet in spite of charges of violation of the FERA Act as the High court had given him a temporary stay.

 The ministers feel betrayed and victimized in the trap laid for them by the TDP leader and the Centre. They are convinced that the situation did not develop all of a sudden. They believe that it is a plot well laid and finely choreographed by the Centre with the help of Chandrababu Naidu. The ministers have realized that the Govt‘s ploy to victimize Jagan by not filing a counter to the cases, filed by Shankar Rao and the TDP leader, had now boomeranged. 

The growth of YSRCP as the third powerful political party became an eyesore for Chandrababu Naidu. Unable to face Jagan politically, he joined hands with the Congress to gain a double advantage. One is that Jagan could be victimized and the other he could escape from any charges of corrupt practices indulged in during his tenure.

After meeting the CM, Sabitha and Dharmana talked to the media, asserting that, all the decisions with regard to the GOs passed during the regime of YSR were collectively taken, and no rules were broken and neither had they gained any personal profit. They exuded confidence that they will come out clean.

Dharmana further pointed out that the way allocations to the IMG Company were made with indecent haste, during Chandrababu’s rule.  The company had secured approval within no time. It had applied for allotment of land and then Govt had appointed a sub-committee the next day. The allotment was approved on the second day. Moreover, the site was in the possession of the Central University and the Revenue Dept should have made the allotment. But the GO was released by the Youth Welfare Dept, Dharmana said and added that the leader who committed these irregularities, was now doing the rounds in Delhi raising a hue and cry demanding the resignations from the ministers involved in the 26 GOs on which the CBI raised objections. 

-Hyderabad, Sakshipost

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