Forget MIM, pick us: BJP to TRS?

Forget MIM, pick us: BJP to TRS? - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad, BJP, it would seem, is all set rain on Congress and MIM's parade, in Telangana. As per reports the party that is riding high on Narendra Modi wave in the country is planning to woo TRS, to help form the government.

TDP-BJP is trying to override MIM. As per reports, it is trying to cajole TRS by telling the latter that their position in Centre is almost secured, and can help TRS form government in the state as well. 

In the event of a hung Assembly, which will most likely be the case in Telangana, both Congress and TRS were hoping to cobble up an alliance with the MIM, which is expected to retain its tally of seven Assembly seats. 

Estimating that the BJP-TDP combine would get about 20 Assembly seats in Telangana, leaders of the saffron party said their numbers could be antidote to MIM's, and a tool to attract TRS. 

On the other hand, TRS has stated many a time, that they would like to sail with third front at the centre. But local BJP leaders are optimistic about a  probable alliance between NDA and TRS. 

However, TRS has asserted that it would be able to form the government on its own.

Earlier, in an interview KCR has clearly stated that the the party will not seek anyone's support, as surveys are indicating a simple majority for TRS. 

Reportedly, KCR has convened a meeting of the state executive at the party headquarters on May 9, and the same will be attended by party's  Assembly and Lok Sabha candidates.

Incidentally, YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan had pointed out to an interesting trend in Telangana's elections. He said that no party can form a simple majority in Telangana, as opposed to Seemandhra.

Will TRS have to eat its words and join either MIM, BJP or even Congress? May 16 will have the answers.





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