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Every Indian city has many iconic bakeries from Mumbai's Yazdani Bakery to Wenger’s in Delhi and Albert in Bengaluru. These bakeries have become a part of city's folklore and has a instant connect with the people.

After the Biryani, Hyderabad has a special relationship with its bakeries and Karachi finds itself ranked right on the top. The City of Nizams and pearls is also famous for its Karachi fruit biscuits which gives a stiff competition to the all-time favourite Osmania biscuit.

Origins of Karachi Bakery

Starting in the year 1953, this bakery has made a mark for itself not only among the local crowd but also among national and international tourists. This was the first ever bakery that started in the Moazzan Jahi Market area.

Karachi Bakery was first started in the year 1953 in Moazzan Jahi Market

It was started by Khanchand Ramnani who was a Sindhi by origin. He migrated from Sindh to Hyderabad. His plans was to set up a coal depot but he chose to set up a bakery. It was since then that the world famous and favourite fruit biscuits came into being.

Fruit biscuits are in the shape of a square, with a tinge of salt, dotted with green and red pieces of papaya jelly. These fruit biscuits became the path to their success.

Few years later, Ramnani’s four sons — Asaram Ramnani, Narayan Rao Ramnani, Ramesh Ramnani and Lekhraj Ramnani took over the business. Currently the bakeries are being run by Lekhraj Ramnani along with his nephews.

After the Moazzam Jahi Market shop, they planned for expansion and set up a branch in Banjara Hills. Later the bakery was able to set up naerly 20 stores in Hyderabad along with its branches in many other cities in India like Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, Vijayawada, Vizag and Ahmedabad.

Karachi bakery has become a part of Hyderabad's identity. The extensive collection of baked goods with a combination of traditions and trends delights the senses of all age groups and people from different walks of life. Karachi bakery is a household name not only in Hyderabad b but also across the nation in every nook and corner of the country, and now slowly the world as well.

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