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Hyderabad: Haleem comes hand in hand with the season of Ramzan or Ramadan (If you are a gulf return). With every year the popularity of the dish has only been increasing in the city, and now, every nook and corner of every street in Hyderabad has a Haleem Joint.

Sarvi has been a street corner restaurant for ages now, and has slowly managed to etch a name for it among the top best restaurants that sells the dish. For people who don’t know what Haleem is, it is a meal in itself, mostly made for Muslims who are taking up fasts for the holy month of Ramzaan. After a whole day’s fast a bowl of one serving of Haleem is enough to have you up and about. Basically meat, flour, veggies and spices all mashed with wooden hammers for over half a day or sometimes a whole day.

Enough about Haleem in general and let’s get on to Sarvi’s Haleem. What was tried and what is shown in the picture above is the special Haleem. This gives you a very good serving of the Haleem with toppings like boiled egg, caramalised onions, ghee fried cashews, and milk cream to top it all. Dipping your spoon into this bowl of richness will not only give you the joy of the Haleem but also will ensure that you have a serving of topping till your last spoon.

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It’s on different sides of the Haleem that you get different toppings, So on one side you dig in to get a flavor of the rich cream mixed very well with the Haleem, on another you get crispy cashews dripping off with ghee, on anther you find mint leaves that feels a little blah, but for people who like it, ‘Good for you!’ and finally those crispy yet sweet yet slightly sour caramelized onions. Hyderabadi cuisine cannot do without its onions afterall.

Talking about the Haleem in itself, it was a complete experience for a newbie, but for a regular from there, you feel somewhere they have missed out. It does taste good, infact really good, but it no more has that oomph factor. That something that made it stand out, made it the place you wanted to drive up to no matter how far, to just give your taste buds a treat.

Prices and types: Sarvi is serving a Normal Haleem with not many of the toppings for Rs 180 and the special, which we speak about, comes for Rs 220. Now they serve a family and a jumbo pack of both Haleems, The family Pack for the Haleem is Rs 650 and the Special Haleem is Rs 750. The jumbo rates are Rs 1,300 for the Haleem and Rs 1,500 for the special Haleem.

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