Introducing Bagrry’s Choco+, A Delicious Chocolaty and Super Crunchy cereal that is made with the Goodness of 3 Great Grains – Whole Wheat, Oats and Rice.

With 0% Maida, this yummy cereal is perfect for making mornings wholesome and happy.


· 3 Great Grains (Oat, Wheat and Rice)

· 0% Maida

· 20% less sugar that other leading chocolate cereals

· No BHA (INS320) – Most leading chocolate cereal brands add BHA – A petroleum derived antioxidant that is a suspect

carcinogen (Banned in Japan and other countries) Bagrry’s Choco+ has nourishing natural antioxidants

Bagrry’s Choco+
Bagrry’s Choco+

· Nothing Artificial, Just Natural Goodness

· Delicious Crunchy Chocolaty Breakfast

· Great as a snack too

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