Fishermen stranded at Antarvedi in East Godavari

Fishermen stranded at Antarvedi in East Godavari - Sakshi Post

The marine police force is expected to be rushed to rescue around 12 to 15 fishermen stranded in the middle of a coastal village Antarvedi, where the Godavari River's Vashista tributary meets the Bay of Bengal, due to high velocity tidal waves in the sea, an official said on Wednesday night.

The marine police may have to use helicopters to shift them to a safe place, superintendent engineer of the irrigation department D Kasi Visveswara Rao told.
"Due to high velocity of tidal waves, strong wind and heavy inflow of water, their boat is stuck. Some logs too have damaged their boat," he said.The fishermen from Yetimoggala in Kakinada region of East Godavari ventured into the sea four days ago in a mechanised boat, despite a strict order warning them not to do so, as the Godavari's water level had increased and that its flow into the sea had gone up, he said.

The district administration, including police, revenue and other officials have been alerted, he said.


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