First wife attacks man trying to re-marry

First wife attacks man trying to re-marry - Sakshi Post

A devious looking man is all set to marry a young lady.

The shehnai and trumpets are blown and the priest chants mantras. The sacred fire leaps out of the havankund and guests are savouring the wedding moments of the couple.

Suddenly, another woman emerges and shouts ‘Stop the marriage.” As the stunned guests and shocked groom look at her, she declares quite melodramatically that she was his first wife and that he is marrying another girl, without divorcing the first one.

If you thought this is a scene straight from Tollywood potboiler, think again! This was reel action happening for real in the holy temple town of Dwaraka Tirumala in West Godavari. Surendra Mohan was stopped moments before he tied the knot by his first wife Umamaheswari. She claimed that there were married for 10 years and that they have a six-year-old baby.

She held Surendra Mohan by colour and attacked him. Surendra Mohan ran away from the spot amid conflicting claims that the marriage was already over and that it was stopped moments before solemnization. Surendra and Uma had marital discord and have been living separately. A case under 498 A has already been filed in Hyderabad by Umamaheswari.

The police said they were investigating.  

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