First time Telangana MLAs face 'ragging' of a different kind!

First time Telangana MLAs face 'ragging' of a different kind! - Sakshi Post

Ragging is banned in colleges, but it appears, it is very much alive in the Telangana assembly. At least this is what first-time MLAs feel.

They feel they are being ragged by seniors when ever they rise to speak. Even as they are speaking, there is a running commentary from the seniors. This is making speaking in the assembly very difficult, they allege.

"Seniors in the backseats are passing snide comments. When they pass comments like this what can we speak and argue," said a newly elected MLA.
Another new MLA angrily said " Ragging in a college is better than this. With the senior MLAs's making comments, we are not able to open our mouths."
One former MLA's son recalled: " My father used to sit behind me in the next row. When I speak, he is constantly admonishes me making it virtually difficult for me to continue."


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