Filmi Gods Don’t Seem To Like ‘Pooja’, Will Pooja Hegde Break The Jinx

DJ has catapulted Pooja Hegde to stardom - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Pooja Hegde is the current heartthrob in Telugu industry. DJ has catapulted her to stardom and offers are pouring in for her. It is being billed that she could even work with Mahesh Babu in his 25th film.

But, in the film industry, there have been many Poojas and they have never really succeeded making it big. Some had powerful Godfathers, some didn't. But, their fate was much the same.

Take for instance Pooja Bhatt, daughter of noted director-cum-producer Mahesh Bhatt. She gave a solo hit Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin in 1991, starring Aamir Khan. After that, her career slumped. Then came Pooja Bedi, another high profile star-kid. Daughter of actor Kabir Bedi and dance exponent Protima Bedi, she too faded as quickly as she came. In Telugu she was seen in Mohan Babu's Chittemma Mogudu and NTR's Shakthi. She then later became a TV chatshow host. But, even that didn't help her much.

Pooja Batra, the long-legged beauty, too had a short career. In Telugu she was seen in Greeku Veerudu and Sisindri. Last heard, she is married and settled down in a foreign country.

Kannada girl Pooja Gandhi too had a none too exciting career and had to do B Grade films essaying character roles. Pooja Kumar was seen only in Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam. Though the film flopped, Kamal cast her in the Viswaroopam sequel.

Then, there is Pooja Bharti. She was seen in Krishna Vami's Khadgam and vanished without a trace. Pooja Jhaveri is another actress who did a handful of movies and also paired with Navdeep. Her career too wasn't exciting enough. She too vanished. Nautanki Saala, the Hindi film released in 2013 helped actor Ayushmann Khurrana to become a household name. But ironically it didn’t help lead actress Pooja Salvi. The film was her last.

Sanghavi who reigned supreme in Telugu and Kannada films entered the film industry with her original name Pooja. After a few flops, she changed her name to Sanghavi and never looked back.

Now we have Pooja Hegde. She had a string of flops till DJ happened. Mukunda, Oka Laila Kosam and Mohanjadaro did not do her any good. Now DJ is a huge hit and Pooja is flooded with offers.

So, will Pooja manage to buck the trend? Let's wait and see.

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