Film Review: Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu

Rib-tickling comedy - Sakshi Post

Genre: Satirical comedy

Cast: Prithvi, Saloni, Navin Chandra, Shruthi Sodhi, Posani Krishna Murali, Murali Sharma, Raghubabu

Music: DJ Vasant

Director: E Sattibabu

Producer: KK Radha Mohan

Sattibabu is a wellknown name for comedy films and he has cast 30-years-industry Prithvi in a lead role. So, the film is expected to be a laugh riot.

Prashant (played by Navin Chandra) is a sinere boy, who meets an inebriated Priya (Shruthi Sodhi) in strange circumstances. She is fully drunk and rams her car into a divider. Prashant and Priya fall in love and as usual, Priya's richie rich father ABR (Murali Sharma) opposes. He accuses Prashant of eyeing his vast property.

Not to be cowed down, Prashant lectures about happiness and says ABR would understand what's happiness when he loses in his business. That is when flop producer Tatarao (Posani), failed director Rolled Gold Ramesh (Raghubabu) and junior artiste for 30 years Veerababu (Prithvi) make a film for ABR. The film has Saloni as heroine. Will ABR understand real happiness? Will the film be made? Will it be hit or failure? To know these, you need to watch the film.

Though Navin Chandra is the hero, it is Prithvi who dominates. His comedy timing and punch dialogues regale the audience. Posani plays his part well. The comedy scenes are rib-tickling.

Technically, the director does a neat job and succeeds in connecting two unrelated stories. DJ Vasanth's music is good and technical values are OK. However, part of the second half is a drag and the director could have done without.

Verdict: A rib-tickling satirical comedy.

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