Tattoo Angel Designs: A New Style Statement

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HYDERABAD: Tattoo angel designs are very common among people. They are used to show their style statement. Generally, these angel tattoos are mostly preferred by women but there are also angel tattoos for men. These tattoos are very special and typically reveal the traits of the person. However, a few people may like an angel tattoo as it signs virtue and purity.


There are angel wing tattoos such as David Beckham which holds two angel wings at his back. You can customize your tattoo to reflect your theme. Angels symbolize holiness and goodness. Hence they are well-liked among people. It also shows kindness and love. There is also a guardian angel tattoo you can bring into play if you seek for us or a vision of us as a guardian angel statue.

Angel Wing Tattoos- Men prefer this type of tattoo very much. This angel wing tattoo looks as expected by anyone it to be. In this tattoo, you can find two large angel wings that give the person an angel look who wears them.

Memorial Tattoos – There are also memorial tattoos that are loved by many people. This kind of tattoo angel designs is worn on the body to feel like an angel who stays in heaven. For the most part of men use this kind of angel tattoo. They don’t represent the fantasy being or any of its overtones. It symbolizes something real.

Fallen angel tattoos –This kind of tattoo designs don’t always represent sweetness and light.

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You may also choose to portray your personality which may not look an angel-like in the conventional sense. As the story says the devil was an angel who was thrown to hell because of his bad nature. An angel is instantaneously identifiable and suggests much meaning. So you can personalize the look of the angel to represent something which is special to you. This is the reason for the popularity of tattoo angel designs.

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If you want a lighthearted angel, you can go for the classic cherub image. This is also called as cupids. Famous painters of Renaissance named as Russo Florentine and Raphael painted attaching this angel wings with a child’s body. You can also find this image on some Valentine’s Day cards. These tattoo angel designs represent the lightheartedness and innocence of spirit.

Modern fantasy artists have brought many changes in angel iconography. Fine art angels are usually genderless but fantasy angels are drawn as either feminine or masculine. These angels have outfitted fantasy outfits, armed with swords and armor.

Wings Tattoo

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It is a common human desire to be able to fly. This is the reason; man is always intrigued by wings. Right from the wish to get real wings, to getting wing tattoos, man has tried to fulfill his wishes somehow. Among the wings tattoo pictures, the angel wing tattoos are the most popular ones. They not only relate to spirituality and a noble sense of protection from evil, but they can also bring in a lot of creativity. Wings are always drawn with much caution, to create a realistic Wings Tattoo Pictures view. These angel wings are only found in literature or some holy scripts that describe of angles who visited the earth. Based on this idea, painters and artists draw wings adding their own creative spirits.


You can find wing tattoo pictures when you look over the internet. As angels have wings attached to their back and rarely do you find an angel in a myth or story that doesn’t have a pair of white feather wings, you can be sure that when you go for angel wing tattoos, it has to be drawn on your back. However as wings also refer to the angelic side within human beings, you can draw two small wings with a scepter and a wand to Wings Tattoo Pictures symbolizes the guiding angel. Some even want to go for the evil angel wings to show their fun and devilish side. Either way the smaller wings tattoo pictures also look good or you can go for the design that you want to associate with yourself.


Though the whole back angel tattoo has been loved by many, Elaine Angel who was the first one to get wings tattoos confesses that one should find his or her own wings tattoo pictures than copying her design. And it’s a fact that tattoo enthusiasts want unique tattoos. If you are interested in angel wing tattoos, then you can ask your tattoo designer or tattoo artist that you hire to find you or create a Wings Tattoo Pictures design for you that is totally yours. Having unique wings tattoo pictures is not all that difficult, all you need to do is to be a bit creative and think about designs that have not yet be inscribed on anyone. You can do this by combining more than one design and getting the desired result.


However, no matter what type of tattoo you get inscribed, you are going to live with it as long as your life goes, so it is always better to pay attention to this fact. If you think you are not all that great then you can also refer mythical books to get the perfect wing tattoo pictures that you want to go for.

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