Ideas For Gifts With Wedding Invites

Ideas For Gifts With Wedding Invites - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Ditch the typical sweet boxes which are heavy and unhealthy and replace them with healthy varieties of tea, gourmet jams or gold plated idols of gods alongwith your wedding invites, experts suggest.

Ruchita Bansal, Creative Director and Founder at Izhaar and Rishav Kanoi, Founder of The Tea Trove, have listed some ideas:

* Cookies are the most comforting companions in both good and bad times. There cannot be a better treat to send out with your wedding invites. Chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, pecan to brownie, there are many variants you can take your pick from.

* Gift your guests artisanal variety of chocolates which are also known as craft chocolates. These are prepared with the finest ingredients, sourced and handpicked from various parts of the country. These chocolates are available in many trendy flavours and festive packaging that is sure to leave your guests wanting for more.

* With the people becoming conscious about their health, gift your special guests some tea varieties. Select 4-5 varieties of teas to gift alongwith with the invitation cards. There are packages as per their preference and the size of the invite card. You can opt for the mint matcha tea, cinnamon matcha tea, turmeric tea, rose delight, Assam masala, mumbai cutting and also some lavender tea.

* Cleopatra inspired ornate gold photo frame gives a touch of personalisation as people can actually put the pictures of bride and groom or a personal message from the bride and groom in the frame. It adds sentimental value and can be used as a lamp later.

* If you are feeling a bit more extravagant, 24 carat gold plated god figures on marble dust are the best. This is something people will never pass on and keep it at the most beautiful place at home and it will create recall value.

* Flavoured gourmet jams are range of premium jams available in unique flavour combinations like banana, whiskey, orange, mango, jalepeno and all handmade in small batches, from scratch, using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Let no adulterated preserve taint your beautiful day.

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