FANATICS: Pawan fans attack Prabhas fans

FANATICS: Pawan fans attack Prabhas fans - Sakshi Post

Eluru: Fans’ craze turned fanatical in West Godavari’s Bhimavaram as the fans of Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas clashed. Pawan Kalyan fans went berserk , they pelted stones and set bonfires at several places after the flexi banners greeting the hero on his birthday on Wednesday.

Pawan Kalyan fans found some of the flexies torn and they immediately blamed the fans of Prabhas. Soon, they spilled onto the roads to tear down Prabhas’ flexies and made a bonfire of them. They also set fire to some shops and pelted stones on the houses belonging to Prabhas.

Prabhas-Pawan Kalyan fan tussle had caste overtones as both the stars belong to two dominant castes in the region and are essentially seen as caste icons. The police initially tried to pacify irate Pawan fans but to no avail.

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