Famous Hyderabadi street foods

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Hyderabad: Top five street food Hyderabad is famous for are as follows.

Irani Samosa

Irani samosa

These delicious tiny little triangle pieces are one of the famous street food, they are often accompanied with Irani Chai.


various types of Kebabs

Hyderabad is a paradise for any non-veg lover, the food has heavy influence of Mughals, and Andhra culture.



This dish is has its origins from Arab region its made up of either chicken or lamb combined with wide variety of vegetables and bread

Dosa, Idli and Pungulu


ideal breakfast for any south Indian and most of hyderabadi’s , this delicious dish are combination of rice flour and dals ; served with coconut chutney and sambar.

Paani Puri

paani puri

After eating one , you will understand what heaven feels like. One of the most preferred dish among kids, college goers and family outings. these are one of the most simple dishes to prepare. You can often locate this paani puri stall on any road.

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