Famed Gollabhama Sarees To Adorn Ivanka Trump’s Wardrobe In Whitehouse Thanks To Samantha Akkineni

Samantha is the Telagana government’s handloom brand ambassador - Sakshi Post

Our dear Samantha Akkineni has her own little role to play in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Thanks to her, the famed Gollabhama sarees of Siddhipet, will adorn Ivanka Trump’s wardrobe in the White House. Samantha, who is Telangana Government's brand ambassador for handlooms, has chosen Gollabhama sarees as gifts to be presented to US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, who is attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad.

Gollabhama sarees are exclusively woven in Siddipet region, which is CM KCR's home turf. The weavers of Siddipet have been weaving Gollabhama sarees for the past five decades and the sarees are much in demand in the Telugu states. The Government will ensure that all the women volunteers too wear Gollabhama sarees during the three-day summit.

Famed Gollabhama sarees of Siddipet

Samantha, a great backer of handlooms, has taken active interest in promoting Gollabhama sarees. She has interacted with the weavers of Siddipet and has encouraged them to use natural herbal colours and quality yarn for better value and demand for the products. Thanks to Samantha's intervention, the export of Gollabhama sarees has also picked up pace.

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