Fake parties worry Hyderabadis this New Year’s Eve

Fake parties worry Hyderabadis this New Year’s Eve - Sakshi Post

Beware of the New Year parties! You could be deceived!

Hyderabad: Fake event managers in Hyderabad seem to be making the most of New Year’s Eve. Innumerous event management companies have organised parties across the city for this the New Year’s eve, out of which many could be fake.

To avoid disappointment on the first day of the year, regular party goers in the city suggest that it is good to choose parties that are being organised in the city limits rather than ones in the outskirts. Since several people have been deceived by these fake parties last year, the party animals are trying to be conscious this time. Several people last year were sold tickets to these parties and were left disappointed and shocked when they all turned out to be bogus.

On the other hand, the number of organisers leaving their customers disappointed is on the rise.

It is reported that several organisers had come up with various theme parties last year, attracting the party animals to attend their events. The parties, however, turned out to be ordinary and bland to the disappointment of people.

Police and well known organisers have called out to the party lovers to make their choice carefully, keeping the fake management companies in mind.

List of things to make sure your party is real:

•If your event was announced a day or two prior to the New Year’s Eve, make sure you check the background of the organizers and their previous events.

•Most of the parties this year, are being organised in hotels in and around the city. Check with the concerned hotel managements about the parties before stepping in.

•The recognition and validation of the event management companies have to be closely looked into

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