YouTube Vs TikTok: This 13-Min Roast Video By Carryminati Chokes Internet

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NEW DELHI: In the world of social media platforms, one thing or the other keeps buzzing and goes viral everyday. Now, an all-out war has been declared between two very popular platforms.

Curious, what we are talking about and what to confirm what you have been hearing in the air? This is what has happened.

Popular YouTuber Carryminati (aka Ajey Nagar) took out a video roasting TikTok users and one TikToker especially, Amir Siddiqui. And trust us, people have loved the video as the video has over eight million likes as of Tuesday.

Wondering, how did it all start? Here's your answer. It all started with Amir, who had released a video slamming YouTubers for making fun of TikTokers and claimed that the community of TikTok was better than that of the other. He also blamed YouTubers of stealing content.

This was enough for Carryminati as he didn't keep calm as his YouTube community was dragged. He released a 13-min roast video and we are not kidding, netizens are in splits. Guess, how many views the video has? Released on May 8, the video has
46,485,935 views (or 46 million) views and 8.4 million likes.

Not just on YouTube, micro-blogging site Twitter too exploded with #Carryminati becoming a top Twitter trend.

The TikTok Vs YouTube video and the feud resulted in a tsunami of memes and this will leave you rolling on floor laughing.

Watch the roast video here:

Have a look at the memes:

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