RGV Asks Police To Stop This Buffoonery: Corona Handwash Video

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As the numbers of novel coronavirus cases are on the rise across the nation, it is actually turning into a scary scenario. From commoners, celebrities, politicians to police everyone is stepping forward to bring awareness among the public. Governments are opting steps like caller tunes with precautionary messages and press meets now and then to bring about awareness among the citizens.

As a part of this, the police of all the states are taking up many different practices to do their bit. The Telangana police are demonstrating the importance of properly washing and sanitising hands and using masks at the major traffic junctions. The video became viral and started surfacing online.

But here is another video shared by the film director Ram Gopal Varma on his Twitter timeline wherein the group of police were seen dancing with an intent to promote the cleanliness wearing masks and gloves. They tried to use a famous Film Song from the movie Ala Vikunthapirramloo, to appeal to a wider audience.

rRaTaking a step forward to bring awareness about the present situations are laudable but dancing looked funny for the situation, RGV expressed his opinions, requesting people to stop this kind of buffoonery.

Take a look at his tweet here:

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