Kajal Gets Trolled For Her ‘Corona’ Tweet In Social Media

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HDYDERABAD: Tollywood Actress Kajal Agarwal is being trolled by netizens for sharing a text from a funny meme which is circulating in social media. It is about the excessive use of alcohol-based sanitizers to clean hands, as a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus.

Some of the celebrities are making efforts to educate people about Coronavirus by sharing pre-cautionary measures to fight against Covid-19 virus. However, in contrast, Kajal shared a funny message which didnt go down too well with the netizens, for which she got trolled in social media. Some of them gave a strong reply to her tweet and said that Kajal was talking nonsense.

Have a look at her tweet:

Kajal Tweeted that her hands have witnessed more alcohol for the last 3 days due to excessive usage of sanitizer, than her alcohol drinking has affected her liver.

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