RGV Begins Research On ‘Disha’ Film

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HYDERABAD: Film director Ram Gopal Varma met police personnel of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) police station in Hyderabad on Monday to gather information for his upcoming movie on the rape and murder of a woman veterinarian in November 2019 near Shadnagar. The victim later came to be known as 'Disha'.

Varma went to Shamshabad Assistant Commissioner of Police S Ashok Kumar Goud to collect information about the incident, but he was not available, so he met other officers.

Varma later spoke to reporters and said that he came at the police station as part of his research for his movie on Disha. He even announced that the title movie would be named after the incident as ''Disha''.

RGV, who is known for his bold and controversial statements and has a unique style of narration in all his stories, now has taken up Disha case to narrate the sequence of events that happened in the Disha rape and murder case.

RGV had taken the decision to direct a movie on Disha case in November for which he has started his background work now.

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