Karnataka Govt., Permits “Man Vs Wild” Shoot With Rajinikanth

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BENGALURU: Super Star Rajinikanth is going to appear in popular adventure television show “Man Vs Wild” by world class host and survival instructor Bear Grylls.

It has to be recalled that last year Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on the same adventure television show “Man Vs Wild” by Bear Grylls.

The Karnataka government has given permission to take a shoot in popular Bandipur Tiger Reserve area and the actual shoot started on Monday, 27 and it will be completed on 29. Another popular Hindi actor Akshay Kumar is likely to join to shoot tomorrow.

The shoot is being taking place in Moolehole in Bandipur National Park area which is a core forest area. Chief Wildlife Warden Sanjay Mohan has given permission to conduct the shoot by Banijay Group Seventaurrus Entertainment Studio Private Limited, Mumbai with Karnataka State Department.

Pictures of the actor in Bandipur forest area along with his team and daughter Soundarya have been doing the rounds on social media. The agreement comes with a few restrictions with respect to shoot timings, between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm, no night photography, no use of explosives, no damage to trees and no disturbance to wildlife, etc.

However, the wildlife activists took serious objection over according permission to the Mumbai group. They are unhappy because it will disturb wildlife and disturb forest officials as it is a season to prepare for forest fires.

Wildlife activist and a former member of the State Wildlife Board, Joseph Hoover, said, “The entire forest force at the moment is working hard to ensure that a catastrophe like last year does not occur. Now, the forest officials have to worry about giving security to the stars. There should have been some sensibility from the department hierarchy to give permission now. Last year, we had lost more than 4,000 hectares of the forest due to fires as a result of lapses by the department. This year they were doing a fine job but this kind of instructions will definitely not help our forests.”

He added, “If the governments are so keen on promoting tourism in forests then they should stop cutting forests as at this rate there won’t be any forest left to promote tourism.”

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