Johnson D’Souza

Hyderabad: Karnataka, a place known for housing the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, does not only boast of a rich and sustainable IT infrastructure. Karnataka is a place with a massive land cover that has its reaches all the way from the coasts to the ghats. Karnataka has always been known to have locations with the most natural and picturesque landscapes, at a drive's distance from that modern and urban set-ups.

Its varied kinds of landscapes come together to house some of the country’s most exotic species of animals. The movie Wild Karnataka shows a side to Karnataka that is being lesser-seen or experienced by most of us. After 10-15 years of preparations and 4 years of shooting, 20 Indian film-makers put together a 52-minute film displaying the vibrant fauna and mega-fauna that inhabit the lands of Karnataka. ,The vast expanse with multiple terrains and differing climate has lead to a rich biodiversity.

Wild Karnataka is one of the first Indian wildlife movies that have been made with a 4K blue Chip, and boy do you see detail in every shot, showing you things that a naked eye would never have spotted. To only make things better, they roped in Sir David Frederick Attenborough to lend his voice for the whole movie. 400 hours of footage was boiled down into a movie which went on for 52 minutes. This proves that only the best of the best made the cut. And we sure only got to see the best.

Every shot in the movie is no less than awe-inspiring. You can’t help but release multiple gasps of wonder while watching the film. The theatre I sat in witnessed many mothers bring their children who made their gasps of amazement a lot more loud, and obvious. This is one of the only Indian wildlife movies that have made it to theatres in India, and Wild Karnataka has done justice.

PS: This is not a movie only for kids, neither is it only for adults with interest in wildlife. This is an all audience film that is going to keep you occupied the whole 52 minutes with a pleasant smile.

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