Explained: Why Sreemukhi Lost Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Title

Sreemukhi Runners Up at Big Boss 3  Finale with Nagarjuna, Rahul Sipliganj (winner), Chiranjeevi - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 ended on Sunday, November 4 among huge speculations over Sreemukhi winning the title of the show. A section of the viewers feel that singer Rahul Sipligunj did not deserve the  Bigg Boss Telugu 3 title and expressed that among Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Varun Sandesh are better choices for the title than Rahul.

Sreemukhi fans on social media were unhappy with Bigg Boss’ decision of making Rahul the winner. They strongly opined that Sreemukhi has given the best performance this season. There has been no strong contestant like Sreemukhi in all the three seasons of Bigg Boss in Telugu they felt, and even Rahul's mother was also impressed by Sreemukhi.

Finally after completing a long journey of 106 days in Bigg Boss house Sreemukhi who reached the final, could not win the title even though she has a great fan base. On the other hand, Rahul Sipligunj who always made the viewers to come to an opinion that he was lazy, finally won the title.

Reasons Behind Sreemukhi Losing Title

*Rahul and his batch succeeded in publicizing that Big Boss show directors Abhishek and Shyam are Sreemukhi's close friends and so she will win the title at any cost. This publicity had a negative impact on her.

*Hema and Himaja’s negative comments on Sreemukhi after their eviction from the house also affected her image .

*Clashes between Rahul and Sreemukhi also made her lose public votes.

*Sreemukhi publicly announced that she would eliminate Rahul throughout the season, and also pushed him into the nomination as many times as possible, which created sympathy for Rahul among the audience.

Added to that Rahul Sipligunj has a strong fan base because of his popular folk songs which also added to his success.

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