RGV Continues to Get Warnings From the Mega Family

Ram Gopal Varma - Sakshi Post

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma manages to keep himself in the headlines for various reasons. He made, a film called 'Lakshmi's NTR' which was his take on the Nandamuri's family . Though the film didn't fare well at the box office it was into the limelight for showing Chandrababu Naidu real character albeit Lakshmi Parvathi's version.

It seems like RGV might be targeting Biggies of Tollywood and Politicians. Recently, he announced his next film title will be 'Mega Family'.

We don't know what would be the script of the film. Rumours are doing the rounds that Chiranjeevi is believed to have given warning to RGV not to make a film on their family. It is being speculated that RGV who is a bold person decided not to cancel his plans on making film on them. We don't know how far this news contains the truth, but an official word from RGV's Twitter says otherwise.

Check out his Tweet here:

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