Nagarjuna's Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is in its last leg and the makers are planning a big event for the grand finale. It is worth mentioning here that Megastar Chiranjeevi will be the guest of honor and will also announce the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. According to sources, a few telugu actresses like Catherine, Anjali and Niddhi will be grooving to a three-song medley each at the reality show.

The show had started with 17 contestants, and all of them have competed and played their best to walk out as a winner. But, only these five contestants have made it upto finals, they are -Rahul, Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Ali Reza.

People are eagerly waiting to know who will be the winner among these five contestants? How many votes did each contestant get? Who is leading the race? These curiosity questions are haunting some of the show buffs.

Rahul and Sreemukhi are on the top. It is very hard to predict or tell who is going to be the winner among these two. Rahul is leading with 39 voting percentage compared to Sreemukhi, who so far got 24% of the voting. Baba Bhaskar, Varun Sandesh and Ali are following next to Sreemukhi. The real winner with numbers of votes will be known to us this Sunday. Are you excited for Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Grand Finale?

While Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi are said to share a great bond off-screen, it will be interesting to watch their camaraderie during the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 grand finale.

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