Baba Bhaskar Sensational Comments On Sreemukhi’s Mother  

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The most popular reality show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu which is being hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna is taking many twists and turns in its course. The house is left out of with only six contestants and people are eagerly waiting with bated breath to find out who will be the first contestant to win the ticket into the finale.

Whoever wins the ticket, that contestant won't be in the nomination list this week. Dance master Baba Bhaskar has become a household name through his stint in the house.

He has managed to gain a decent fan following in the Telugu states and they are supporting him unconditionally on social media by urging everyone to vote for him to make him a winner.

With his performance, Baba Bhaskar formed a good opinion from viewers. As per fans, Baba Bhaskar is the best entertainer in the show and he shares an excellent rapport with Sreemukhi.

Not long ago, In Battle of Medallion task, Vithika emerged as a winner by defeating Baba Bhaskar. If Baba Bhaskar won the task, he would have escaped one-week nomination.

He gained a lot of sympathy from show buffs for losing the battle as Vithika won the show by cheating him. Vithika paid the price for that because she got eliminated last Sunday. Recently, Sreemukhi's mother was in the house and Baba Bhaskar made some comments on her.

"Rama Krishna(Father of Sreemukhi) manchi piece pattaru, Sreemukhi madhriga Latha kuda same to same undi. Naku blue ante chala ishtam Latha kuda blue saree kattukoni vachinidi. Vastha Ne Venka Eataiyna Kadhu Anyka" which roughly translates to ‘Sreemukhi father's (Rama Krishna) got a hot figure same to same like his daughter. I like the blue colour she is wearing, my favourite colour and he sang a famous song from Mahesh Babu's 'Nani' film ("Vastha Ne Venka Atuyna Kadhu Anyka")’ which didn't go well with some section of audiences. They have trolled him heavily on social media and are urging show organisers not to encourage these kinds of contestants.

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