Bigg Boss 3 is one of the most popular reality shows in the Telugu states. The show is going on in full swing and fans are loving the entertainment on the show. Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is inching towards the finale and the game inside the house is intriguing as well as intense.

In last night’s episode, Vithika got eliminated from the show. Vithika and Varun Sandesh are the first contestants who entered as a couple in Bigg Boss Telugu of this season.

Varun Sandesh got emotional as Vithika was leaving the house. During the initial stages, everyone thought that Vithika is a weak contestant and she could get eliminated in the first two weeks. But, she managed to be in the house for 90 days. As soon as she stepped out of the house, Vithika gave an exclusive interview to Tanisha which was conducted by StarMaa, it is learnt.

Tanish asked Vithika that you have nominated several times in the house. How you managed to escape from eviction? Can you share with us some tips? Vithika got disappointed with Tanish question but gave a befitting reply with a smile. "You already have a fixed answer in your brain, it is no use of me telling you. Do you know how much torture it is for a husband and wife play the game in the house?.

Tanish’s next immediate question was, “What is your opinion on Rahul Siplingunj?” Vithika made some sensational comments on Rahul by Saying "Athanu Avakshavadhi" which roughly translates to, ‘He is an opportunist.’

Vithika’s comments have reached the ears of Rahul fans. They are trolling her on social media by giving nasty replies like, If he supports you he is a good person, if not bad person. He was a brother when he was in the house, now he became an enemy to you. Among many others.

We have managed to bring some tweets for our viewers as a proof, take a look at them:

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