Manchu Manoj Announces Divorce

Manchu Manoj Announces Divorce - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Manchu Manoj has been off screen for quite a while now, and no comment was made as to why he has been away for so long. It could have been due to the many blockbuster failures that he had faced, and that must have made him lose interest.

His Brother Vishnu Manchu and sister, Lakshmi Prasanna did not pay heed to box office reactions and went ahead in the film industry thus designing their careers to what it is now. They are still trying hard to change and get on a success track.

There have been roumours of Manchu Manoj have problems in his marriage but nothing was confirmed until recently when Manchu Manoj announced his divorce with his wife. He did mention that he was facing problems in his marriage and they have been trying to work through their differences.

This completely has put fans in a shock and has also shaken his supporters.

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