Big Boss Telugu 3: ‘Ali Villian, Rahul Waste Fellow’  

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Hyderabad: On the October 11 episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Bigg Boss informed housemates that he is going to sleep and asked them not to disturb him. He accordingly assigned them tasks to perform while he was sleeping and instructed them not to create any noise while performing the tasks. However, housemates failed to perform the tasks and got punishment from Bigg Boss.

As part of the task, Ali had to run around the courtyard for 20 times carrying Sreemukhi on his back, while Vithika and Rahul had to apply shaving cream on the balloons and shave the cream from the balloons.

Mahesh had to act like he is sitting on a chair and had to balance a plate on his head. Meanwhile, housemates had to tickle Shiva Jyothi and Varun, and Baba Bhaskar had to get his hands and legs waxed.

Big Boss Telugu 3 latest episode highlights

In the results, Bigg Boss declared that Vithika, Mahesh, Sreemukhi and Shiva Jyothi failed in the task as they did silly mistakes while performing the tasks and after that Bigg Boss gave another test to the members of the house to draw a sketch of Bigg Boss. Everyone completed the task and gave an explanation over their sketch.

Big Boss Telugu 3 latest episode highlights

The ordeal was not over for the housemates yet. Bigg Boss repeatedly sent cakes to the housemates as a punishment for disturbing his sleep and housemates had to eat it even though they were stomach-filled.

Controversy ensued when Sreemukhi made controversial comments calling Ali as villain and Rahul as a waste fellow, and Vithika called Rahul as joker.

Big Boss Telugu 3 latest episode highlights

Later, Bigg Boss asked Rahul to write the lyrics and compose a song on Bigg Boss house, and Baba Bhaskar choreographed dance steps for the song. Finally, as was evident, housemates enjoyed the song pretty much.

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