Rapper Raja Kumari Unleashes ‘Karma’ As Tribute To  Female Empowerment 

Rapper Raja Kumari - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: Indian-American singer, rapper, and Grammy-nominated Raja Kumari unleashed the official music video of her track "Karma" on Tuesday on the occasion of Dussehra.

The colorful and beautiful video is described as 'Balancing historical Indian imagery with neon colors'. The interesting thing about this empowering video clip is that it was created by an all-female team in collaboration with Kumari and Sam Madhu, an artist based out of New York and India.

Kumari said that this track is a reminder that beautiful things come to life when strong women put their skills together.

"The video was done by an all-female team. It started as collaboration between me and Sam Madhu, which explores transitions from art to reality and remixes cultural elements from the past and the future. It is inspired by traditional Indian aesthetics and futuristic cyberpunk worlds," Kumari said to English daily.

"Madhu developed the idea of a neon universe in which I'm the central character, where traditional Indian elements like "Rakshasa masks, goddesses and tigers are reborn with contemporary, neon aesthetics to create a universe where I appear as an array of compelling, powerful female characters," Kumari added , while describing the video. The rapper also said that she felt that the clip actually represented a real female-empowerment moment.

Take a look at the colorful video track by Raja Kumari

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