These 6 Contestants Are Top Contenders To Win Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

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Bigg Boss is the most popular reality show in the two Telugu states being hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. As the show is reaching to its climax left with only five weeks, so far, there are more than eight contestants in the house - Mahesh Vitta, Baba Bhaskar, Varun Sandesh, Vithika, Shiva Jyothi, Rahul Siplgunj, Punarnavi, Sreemukhi, Ali Reza.

Reliable sources informed us that there would be double elimination in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu which might begin from next week. With each passing day, the show is becoming tough as well as challenging task are coming for the housemates and show buffs.

By now it is not difficult to predict the top five contestants of this season. Baba Bhaskar, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh, Rahul Siplgunj and Punranavi are our picks for the top five finalists of Bigg Boss 3 because all of them are entertaining the audiences and they have managed to show a very strong personality.

Probably, Varun Sandesh or Baba Bhaskar or Sreemukhi would become a strong contender which will be witnessing in next couple of days from now.

Who Will Win Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Based on Fan Base

Sreemukhi: She is the host for reality show 'Pataas' and is already a popular face in Telugu states. Ever since, she entered into the show, audiences are considering her as a loud speaker. She never had any ugly fights with her fellow contestants. But, many times she has been nominated for evictions.

Baba Bhaskar: He is a prominent Indian dance choreographer who has worked in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films. He is playing genuine game without hurting others. In last night's episode, he was saved from elimination back into his own mission to win the trophy and cash prize of the show.

Varun Sandesh: He is also one of the popular face in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. He got into limelight with 'Happy Days' which changed everything for him. But, the success couldn't drove for a long time as he was not offered many films.

Punranavi: She is a very bold and talented actor in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. For every small incident, she has said 'I don't want to stay in the house.' Audiences believed to have said that she is not playing and participating in task as much as other contestants do. She may reach up to top five finalists but there are no chances for her becoming winner of Bigg Boss 3, according to sources.

Rahul Sipligunj: He is one among the contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Rahul Sipligunj is a south Indian musician and a singer who worked in Telugu movies. He is a prominent folk singer and a notable independent musician.

This is only an assumption of our ideas based on Twitter talk. We are also as eager as you like to know who will be the winner of this season.

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