Why Is Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Trolled?

Why Is Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Trolled? - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 show hosted by Nagarjuna, which started with a bang and enjoyed huge TRP ratings is now failing to keep the interest of the viewers. Even after 57 days, housemates have not gotten into the competition.

Apparently, the audience are not glued to Bigg Boss this season as they feel that in this season, Bigg Boss is copying tasks from the previous season, and adding to that there is lack of competitive spirit between the contestants.

The elimination process in the Bigg Boss house has also disappointed the viewers as it is predictable before the final official announcement from the Bigg Boss, and a few housemates still didn't open up and choose to stay in the safe zone.

These are the reasons, why this season's Big Boss show is not a big hit. Buzz afloat that viewers are watching Bigg Boss just because of host Nagarjuna who entertains them on the weekends.

In last night's episode, Bigg Boss had given housemates a chance to meet their family members. Sreemukhi, Ravikrishna, Shiva Jyothi and Punarnavi got emotional watching their family members for which many were trolled.
Bigg Boss viewers who expect entertainment from the show instead criticized the housemates for getting emotional frequently. Netizens trolled housemates for their behaviour and called it melodramatic. Few others commented that watching serials is far better than watching Bigg Boss reality show.

Also, one of the rules of the Big Boss House is that there is no place for physical violence in the house but on the contrary, Bigg Boss gave few tasks which provoke violence in the house and canceling task after the housemates hard work to complete the task disappoints the housemates as well as the audience.

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