No Elimination, Only Re-Entry In Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu

Nagarjuna - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is off to a great start in terms of TRPs. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the host of the show and this season seems to be promising with female contestants. The new edition hasn't clicked much amongst show buffs and organisers are coming up with different tasks to entertain the audience. The latest buzz on social media is that there would be a surprise in the ninth week of Bigg Boss.

If you think there is a chance for wild card entry of a celebrity. Then, your guess could be wrong. But we have something interesting to cheer you all. If sources are to be believed there will be no elimination this week. So far, show organisers haven't started voting process for this week and contestants were didn't nominate.

There is a talk on social media that Bigg Boss organisers are planning to give another chance to eliminated contestants such as Ali Reza, Tamannaah, Hema and Jaffar. Ali Reza is leading in the race and people are voting for him to give him re-entry chance as he played the game genuine.

Another section of the audience are choosing Tamannaah as she is the more entertaining than anyone in the house with her performance. But, it is not confirmed who is going to make an entry this week. We will keep our ears and eyes open to inform you all. So, Don't forget to watch this space for more updates.

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